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Medical Prefixes & Suffixes

4.0 ( 5840 ratings )
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Vývojář: Arborsky LLC
3.99 USD

Medical Prefixes & Suffixes is a gorgeous and engaging app that quickly boosts your ability to identify, define and apply medical prefixes and suffixes at school and at work.

We’ve redesigned this app from the ground up with a beautiful new interface and 20+ new features to swiftly get you comfortable with medical terminology.


• A comprehensive database of over 1,000 medical prefixes and suffixes.

• Three interactive medical terminology flashcard study modes.

• Two comprehensive medical prefix/suffix search modes.

• An interactive and customizable quiz that makes learning medical prefixes & suffixes easier, quicker and more enjoyable. You can quiz yourself on prefixes/suffixes or their definitions. You can also quiz yourself on bookmarked prefixes/suffixes.

• Ability to bookmark medical prefix/suffix flashcards.

• Ability to review and study bookmarked flashcards.

• We’ve included example medical words with each prefix/suffix.